Roman Forest Police DepartmentTommy Jatzlau Training Facility
In-Service and Advanced Training Rules

1. Class Attendance: No absences will be permitted unless excused by the Training Coordinator, or his designee, and then only if provisions for make-up exist. Tardiness will not be condoned and will be subject to make-up. Classes are subject to change without notice due to factors beyond our control. Professional conduct expected.Cancellation: Students will contact us at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of class. Departments will be notified and billed when students do not report to class.
2. Meals: Meals are not provided on the training premises. Students who bring a lunch may eat at the outdoor picnic tables or in their vehicles. Soft drink machines are located in the lobby. No food is allowed in the classroom. A sufficient lunch break will be allowed for classed over 5 hours long. There are restaurants nearby in New Caney or Splendora.
3. Weapons: Unless a student is attending a firearms course or other course requiring the presence of a firearm, all firearms will be secured in the student’s vehicle. Firearms that are brought in for the fore mentioned courses will be unloaded and an instructor will check all weapons to insure the weapon is unloaded and that no ammunition is in the possession of the student. The only exception to this rule will be officers wearing complete departmental uniforms or a badge is clearly displayed on clothing or belt near the weapon or the weapon is concealed and the instructor has knowledge of it.
4. Dress: Departmental uniform or appropriate civilian attire only will be worn. No T-Shirts with suggestive graphics or wording, sleeveless shirts, shorts (this includes uniforms) or overalls will be permitted. Students shall be clean shaven (as appropriate to duty assignment) unless student has written permission from their department. For tactical or physical classes, the instructor will specify proper attire.
5. Restricted Area: Students should not leave the training grounds while on breaks. Students shall refrain from entering any office without permission of an Instructor, Chief of Police or Training Coordinator.
6. Academics: All exams become the property of the Training Facility. No grades are published. The Class Instructor will advise each class of the grading criteria used in that particular class. All performance exams are graded on a Pass/Fail basis.
7. Parking: All students will utilize the parking area located on the west side of thebuilding. Parking on the east side of the building is for Instructors and Roman Forest Police personnel ONLY.
8. Electronic Equipment: The use of photographic or recording equipment is strictly Prohibited. Pagers and cellular phones will be set on the vibrate alert mode during classroom instruction. Except during an emergency, pager and cell phone responses will be made during breaks only.
9. Smoking/Tobacco: Tobacco use is prohibited in the building. Students will use the designated smoking area or outside away from the doors.
10. Penalty: Violation of these rules shall be cause for dismissal from classes. Final determination will be made by the Training Coordinator.